Book addiction 1

Every now and then I have to indulge my book buying addiction. Today I went on a shopping spree and got home with this stack.
Andrzej Stasiuk - Negen (Nine)
Maurice Pons - De Seizoenen (The seasons)
Denis Johnson - Train dreams
John Williams - Stoner
Vladimir Odojevski - Het jaar 4338 (Het jaar 4338)
Jáchym Topol - De werkplaats van de duivel (Chilly land)
Jevgeni Zamjatin - Wij (We)
Gregor von Rezzori - Memoires van een antisemiet (Memoirs of an anti-semite)
Edgar Hilsenrath - Nacht (Night)

An inspiring but also a daunting list. I can't wait to get started in some of them though. Which book should I start with?


Jacob de Zoet on 2013-02-15 21:46

Thank you for the suggestion Niels. I just finished Stoner and you are right, it is rather fabulous!

Niels on 2013-02-08 19:37

Stoner, it is absolutely fabulous!

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