Tennessee Williams - Sweet bird of youth

I usually read a few plays each year and I always think it should be more. Plays make me want to read more plays. But reading them also requires a lot of concentration and so, whenever I finish a play the genre falls to the background for some months. Maybe that's fine though.
Sweet bird of youth was my 3rd play by Tennessee Williams. I contemplated re-reading A streetcar named desire (first time already 8 years ago!), but decided to go for the one I hadn't read yet. I finished it quickly enough only failed to immediately write something about it. I should really force myself to do this religiously, since you lose already so much in a week's time; especially from a play. Things I do still remember: a start in a hotel room, a later scene in and around a mansion and the last part in the hotel again. Sadness, longing for the lost innocence of youth, a brooding Southern athmosphere, probably Louisiana (which immediately triggers some memories of my own, of my visit there in 2006). A sad ending, or actually, a potentially gruesome ending, but that's only hinted at. Not exceptionally tragic, mostly that feeling of sadness remains. Perhaps I should see some real Williams and go to a performance of Tramlijn Begeerte (I know, that title!) that's scheduled in Amsterdam.

24 October 2012

Penguin books, 2000
Originally published 1959


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