Patti Smith - Just kids

This is one of those books you really want to read for some time, you enjoy reading it very much and only a few days later it seems like you read it a year ago. I'm not sure this makes sense, but I had this more times with autobiographies. Lots of characters, lots of cool references, it's all highly engrossing while reading. And then you close the book and that whole world fades away. Not that's necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, despite most of the details fading away the general impression remains. And that's a very nice one. Patti Smith writes well; clearly, informatively and entertainingly; she knows when to elaborate and when to skim over things. You can tell she spent a lot of time finding the right words for this personal story. I tried to note as much of the references in the book as I could remember and will certainly chase down some of them. And check out some of Patti Smith's music of course.

27 September 2012


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