Pat Barker - Regeneration

I have a clear memory of sitting for hours in Atlanta airport, waiting for a flight to take me back home after my first visit to the US. I was reading Pat Barker's Regeneration, a copy of which I bought in a second-hand bookshop in New Orleans. This is now eight years ago, but I still know I liked the book. Not perfect waiting room material: it's full of heavy scenes that require a moment to get your breath back, afterwards. Although I remember some of the most vivid scenes (a guy crash-landing on a decaying corpse because of an exploding shell, upon which the corpse explodes all over him!) and the breathless feeling I read them with, I lost huge parts of book as well. And so it was good to re-read Regeneration. Again on the way back to Holland, marking the end of our Romanian journey. My New Orleans copy I lost years ago, a friend of J.'s asking to borrow it and never giving it back. This one came from Tîrgu Mureș, from another second-hand bookshop. I'm glad I bought and read it again. It's a rich book, emotional and detailed, ideal for a re-read. Maybe I should complete the Regeneration-trilogy this time. Part one I know pretty well by now.

8 October 2012

Penguin books, 1992
Originally published 1991


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