Jim Powell - The breaking of eggs

Initially we bought this after watching a BBC program on the latest young literary talents in Britain. Powell, although by far the oldest, was the most interesting author with his book about an older communist having to come to terms with his choices after the fall of the Wall. L. already read it and kept insisting I should read it too, so when we planned a week to Berlin I thought this book would be appropriate. It's definitely an interesting theme and it works well for 3/4 or so. Some parts are repetitive or boring and could perhaps have been edited somewhat. Still, mostly a good read; quite an original topic as well. Did make me crave some non-fiction afterwards though.
P.S. It is nice to write some things about books again. I was too lazy for a few years: you don't write about some books and more and more the 'drempel' becomes too great to ever start again. Which, ultimately, is sad of course. So I'll try again, maybe not for all books, but we'll see.

18 July 2012


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