Cormac McCarthy - The road

An already famous novel from a pretty famous contemporary author. I decided to see what all the fuss was all about. Had read a review that especially focused on the language in the novel and it was nice to experience it myself. It is certainly interesting language; short, mattor-of-fact sentences in staccato style. Only takes one page to get into the rhythm and once you're in it's quite difficult to get out. The story is absolutely bleak and apocalyptic but somehow it doesn't just depress. It does, but it immediately redeems itself. I can see why Oprah Winfrey selected the book for her book club: because you feel with it, with the father and son and their hopeless voyage. I guess it's a very good combination of that Oprah emo-thing and great literature. Will check out more of McCarthy.

2 January 2009


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