J.M. Coetzee - Foe

Had to read this novel for its Postcolonial value. And while it certainly satisfied on that level, it turned to be rewarding on other levels as well; surprising for a redo of Robinson Crusoe, a novel which I didn't like at all. Foe, however, is a lot better. Beautifully written and very concise (something that definitely doesn't count for Crusoe) this short novel manages to pose intriguing questions such as 'Why do we write stories' and 'Why do people wish to read them'; 'How do we use language'; 'Why do we treat other people the way we do'. In all, Foe got me thinking about all sorts of things; one of them, which novel of Coetzee to read next.

21 June 2007

Penguin Books, 1987
Originally published 1986


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