Read in Romania, finished in Curtea de Arges. Reminded of Extremely loud & incredibly close, as it's about a 'special' boy. This boy is autistic though, something that's conveyed nicely by Haddon. A short book, sometimes quite sad, sometimes funny. Contrary to many reviewers it didn't strike me as extremely special.

26 December 2007

Vintage, 2004
Originally published 2003


As a little detour from all the more literary works I'm assigned to read this book is ideal. Here no unnecessary lengthy passages or labyrinthine language, just wit and understated humor. It's got some painful, almost tragic moments but mostly it's about having an innocent chuckle. I think the book aims at nothing more than that and achieves every goal wonderfully.

6 May 2007

Methuen, 1985
Originally published 1982


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