This play certainly makes you thirsty and is probably best read with a good bottle placed beside you. Also, if possible, read it in one sitting as, for obvious reasons, it's also watched in one go. I read this in two days, which is still quickly enough, but it took some effort to come back into it. For this is a play that builds up. You feel all the tension already from the start, but O'Neill builds things up gradually. Only at the end does it truly erupt. It's definitely a long day for the four main characters and, same feeling I get when reading Hemingway for example, where do they put all that drink? Maybe we're drinking children compared to these giants from the past? So, structure good, reading good, language good, drama good: a good play by O'Neill and the first I've ever read by him. Saw a performance of Mourning becomes Electra once, with Halina Reijn, so I could read that next. Or, since a good play always makes me want to read more plays (and then I don't for months), I could pick up any of the three Shakespeare plays that are still waiting for me. Perhaps King Lear.

5 September 2012


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