The last of the holiday books I brought to Romania. I'm already sad I finished it; a feeling similar to what I felt after finishing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Half of a yellow sun.A nice big novel you can live in for a while. Like in Adichie's book, there's some interesting characters, changes of perspective each chapter (and nice short chapters in the Art, something I always like) and then a good plot that intertwines all of those characters and pulls them close. Certainly sounds like the definition of a 'well-rounded novel', such as Dutch author Marcel Möring has lately agitated against (an age-old discussion), with a clear beginning, middle and ending. Not a highly experimental novel, the Art, that's for sure. It fits in the campus novel genre and of course the sports novel, but is refreshingly modern, thereby giving a new twist to those genres. Harbach did a very good job for a debut novel; he certainly had me hooked and, once again, I'm sad to let his book go.

2 October 2012

Little, Brown, 2011


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